Online booking and appointment scheduling software with NO per-patient fee

Provide your patients with the convenience of online appointment requests

With Booked.MD from SRL Group, you get a 24/7 online booking solution. Now you can put your booking link on any website, and without paying per-patient fees.

Dynamic and intuitive scheduling

Booked.MD gives your patients a simple and intuitive way to request appointments. Only you can confirm appointments. You have complete control over your own schedule.

Reduce No-Shows

Each booked patient receives an automatic confirmation + reminder (text or email), 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Fewer missed appointments, late arrivals or last-minute rescheduling.

Online booking

You can accept appointment requests directly from your website….or from any 3rd party directory site that supports a booking link. Accept appointment requests directly from your Google My Business listing.

Facebook booking

Your patients can even book or reserve appointments directly from your practice’s Facebook page.

Mobile booking

Since 80% of patients use mobile phones for most web access, Booked.MD is mobile friendly. Give your patients the easy booking solution then want.

Patient confirmation

Confirm with your patient’s appointment requests with personalized confirmation email

  • Save time with booking online

    Switching to online booking can be 4X faster than a paper-based calendar system

  • Reduce No-Shows

    Studies show that online booking can cut no-shows by 80%

  • Patients Prefer Online Booking

    70% of new patient appointments are booked immediately after online research

  • Patient Convenience

    40% of appointments are booked outside of regular business hours