Accurate Contact Information is the Foundation of Search Optimization

Major search engines look for accurate & consistent name, address and phone numbers to establish your online reputation.

And it makes sense: a business with consistent, up-to-date address information is organized and professional.

CV Nexus from SRL Group organizes your online presence, the synchronizes that data throughout the web’s most popular directories.

Search engines (and patients) have greater confidence in your practice when they trust the information as accurate and reliable.

Create Local Citations

We create rich local business listings on top local business websites. This includes backlinks to your website, multiple photos, logos, your professional credentials, your specialties, and your top procedures.

Quality local listings send powerful quality signals to search engines (like Google), to enhance your local search rank. The more information you send to search engines, the more they have to match your practice to patient searches.

Monitor and Maintain Your Listings

CV Nexus specializes in healthcare. We help you claim then maximize each online listing to get maximum impact.

Our exclusive web crawlers continuously monitor your top listings, alerting you about any unauthorized data changes.

Your Google My Business Expert

The best source of new patients to your practice is also free: Google My Business can be responsible for more than 50% of your total new patient flow.

CVNexus is expert at maximizing your Google My Business profile. We add rich data including photos, videos, product and services links, live posts. We also verify your listing and help you remove duplicate/out-of-date profiles.