Your Best Customers Can Be Your Best Salespeople

ReferralVoodoo™ is a cloud-based application that makes it simple and easy to activate your existing customers to bring in new business.

Now you can activate and reward your best customers to refer you to their friends and family.

Flexible Rewards

Designed to give you maximum flexibility, ReferralVoodoo lets you set rewards for “ambassadors” (the referral makers), and new customers. Rewards can be once, or many, stackable or time limited.

Easy Configuration

ReferralVoodoo works with email, voice or any SMS-capable mobile phone. New customers connect to your existing business with no changes to your operations. ReferralVoodoo helps you match those new customers back to referrals.

Powerful Analytics

You can check activities and performance of your referral partners so you can reward and recognize your best performers. ReferralVoodoo tracks both phone calls and emails.