Dental Practice Management Software

Optimize every aspect of your daily administrative and clinical tasks with DentiDesk from SRL Group.

DentiDesk modernizes your administrative functions – from scheduling to planning dental treatments – onto a secure, web-based platform that never needs backup or updates.

On average, DentiDesk can save you 20 hours/month on administrative tasks.

Completely Customizable

You can customize DentiDesk to fit your precise business and clinical needs. You control the information and interface, resulting in a fully personalized platform.

Flexible Permissions

You can set user levels and permissions within DentiDesk to match your own preferences. You can even assign smart roles by restricting or enabling access to information on a “need-to-know” basis.

Your locum tenens providers can use DentiDesk without granting access to your entire practice business records.

Cost Estimates

Case acceptance starts with accurate cost estimates for treatments. With DentiDesk, all categories and treatment prices are preloaded into the system for use them wherever you need them.

Liquidations and Reports Management

DentiDesk tracks percentages produced by the doctor, after applying a discount, for each of the treatments performed and completed after a discount is applied.

Patient Care

Secure, On-Line Storage

You can store unlimited amounts of patient records online including clinical images and patient x-rays. Accessible anywhere, any time.

Generate and Manage Lab Orders

With DentiDesk, you can add and manage laboratory and radiology orders, with direct coordination with dental and medical labs.

Track Patient Progress

With DentiDesk, you record all the treatment steps performed, plus the treatment progress.

Unified Hub for Patient Records

You can add patient medical records and access them whenever you want. You can even create prescriptions and send them electronically to your patient’s pharmacy.

Easy Patient Communications

Patients want you to text or email. With DentiDesk, you can satisfy your patient’s demands all within your EHR. You can confirm appointments, send reminders, share clinical pictures, even request online views all from within the same login.